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La Perla Button Factory

Since the Company was founded in 1955, La Perla Button Factory has evolved without ever changing its basic structure of being a family-run business. This is an element that characterises the Company. A radical managerial change occurred in early 1991, when three of the five founders went into their well-deserved retirement, and were replaced by the daughters of the two remaining shareholders, Ragionieri e Volpi. This change has proved to be a dynamic and positive one in view of the Company's increasing relationships with the rest of Europe and the world.

This result was achieved thanks to our continuous research and careful study of shapes which enable our accessories to complement the item of clothing that they are attached to. To ensure high-quality and fast delivery times, all production stages, from the sampling up to the production, are carried out in our Empoli factory, where advanced laser technology combines with the still very valuable collaboration of renowned Tuscan craftsmen. Thanks also to its agile organisation, La Perla Button Factory can meet any requirement concerning button production, such as special colourings that are needed on the same day, or the timely creation and reproduction of our customers' designs and projects.

A capillary structured sales network ensures that we remain in continuous contact with our customers, by providing them with an almost daily support in the aim of becoming their consultants. Our Company's main objective is to make sure that the button matches perfectly with the item of clothing that it will be attached to and enriches the garment not only functionally, but also aesthetically. Therefore, for over 45 years, a small accessory such as the button, has taken the leading role. To find out more about all our products and to evaluate what La Perla has to offer, you can either visit the site, fill in the form in this section, or call us on +39 0571 80641. The Company's registered office is in Empoli, in the province of Florence, in Via Livornese 71/73.

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